Body to Body Massage in Addis

Body to Body Massage in Addis

Massage Techniques Body to Body 

This massage is started with hands applied to the shoulder and back area to relieve stress and tension. Subsequently, the fingers are passed through the arms and legs gently up to the neck for the client to feel comfortable.

Once the client feels relaxed, the masseur applies the oil through the body and gently scrubs her body under the client’s. The gentle pressure of the body creates a relaxing effect and allows the client to enjoy unique sensations.

It’s not about sex, but it involves two bodies sliding sensually over each other. We talk about body to body massages!

A type of erotic massage, which differs from conventional and tantric massages in the way that the masseuse uses not only the hands, but the whole and naked body to stimulate the client.

What is a Body to Body Massage?

It is a massage that aims to awaken your most sensitive areas in order to create a feeling of well-being and satisfaction.

So you do not need to continue searching for “Porto masseurs” as you have already found your therapy! Body to body massage starts with hands on the shoulders and back to relieve stress and tension, and goes to the fingers, arms… and so on until you feel totally relaxed.

Then an oil is applied to your body to enhance the relaxing effect and allow you to enjoy unique sensations, as only a spa massage Genuine Tantric can offer you!

What are the main benefits of Body to Body Massage in Addis?

  • Increased blood circulation.
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety levels.
  • Feeling of well being.
  • Sexual stimulation.

Our body to body massage in Addis are fairly self-explanatory. Our girls will undress you from head to toe and then slowly massage your entire body. This will provide ultimate satisfaction and it does not stop there. Our girls will also rub their entire body against yours ensuring that every part of your body is covered. The clue is in the name, however, our girls truly aim to take this to the next level by wearing as little as possible or nothing at all. All you simply have to do is choose one of our beautiful girls and she will do the rest. Get in touch today to book your experience. 

Body Bliss is renowned for our skilled masseuses. They are dedicated women who are free of inhibitions. Always ready to offer you a fully relaxing and satisfying experience, our girls are also specialized in giving the best body to body massage Bangkok situated.

 in AddisA body to body massage in Addis includes several stages, meant to relax you gradually. Your masseuse of choice will make sure you are fully naked and prepared to feel her rhythmic and soft hand movements. After massaging your entire body, she will gradually increase the pressure and start paying attention to your Yoni or Lingam.

Lingam is the Sanskrit word for the male genitalia and Yoni for the female genitalia. What this means is that both men and women can benefit from the heightened pleasure and relaxation derived from an outcall body to body massage Bangkok. When it comes to this erotic practice, your gender, body shape, or sexual orientation are irrelevant. Everyone is welcome.

Next comes the abdominal massage. This one precedes the body to body massage in Addis, which involves the use of various parts of the masseuse’s body. She will wear as little as possible or nothing at all to provide you with the ultimate satisfaction.

Just imagine how an attractive woman’s buttocks and breasts gently caress each part of your body. Picture the way she rubs her entire nude figure against yours. Her body gently slides on yours thanks to the aromatic oils that subtly envelop both of you. Her skin is soft, and her nipples hard. You can also hear her sensual breathing.

The intensity of your climax will be enhanced by a body to body massage. Every touch will get you closer to having an orgasm. The sexual tension will become impossible to bear and you will enjoy an unforgettable release. We encourage you to give in and trust your masseuse throughout these intimate moments.

A very erotic experience, this one also has health benefits. You will not only feel refreshed and at ease. Your blood circulation will improve and you will also notice less muscle tension. Your stress hormones levels will lower as well. In other words, you are not only spoiling yourself with a body to body massage Bangkok; you are actively taking care of your overall health.

The benefits that you will feel right away are excitement and relaxation. The best part is that you will also feel revitalized. Fatigue will become just an unpleasant memory if you keep using our massage services. In case you constantly feel irritated for some reason, you must know that feeling will go away as well.

Do something good for yourself today. At Amelia Addis Massage, there are numerous experienced girls who can take you on a journey of self-discovery and relaxation with the help of ancient massaging techniques. Pick the one you like the most and give us a call. Depending on your preferences, you can book a massage session in advance or have one of our girls at your doorstep in 15 minutes.

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Body To Body Massage in Addis

Body To Body Massage In Addis


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