Lingam Massage in Addis

Amelia Lingam Massage in Addis

The Origin of Lingam Massage

Originally, Lingam, meaning “landmark” or “inference” is the symbol of masculine energy. It is also the Sanskrit word for “penis” and, in this context, acquires the meaning of “rod of light”.

In this sense, lingam massages are only made for men who want to achieve the fullness of self-knowledge of their body, sexuality and to explore new sensations and self-control.

Although the Lingam Massage offers innumerable benefits and advantages to men, contrary to popular belief, striving for ecstasy is not the goal of tantric massage or lingam massage in particular.

The Lingam Massage is an ode to the male as it is done only to men who want to achieve the fullness of self-awareness of their sexuality. The goal is not to reach orgasm, but it’s close by!

What is a Lingam Massage In Addis?

Generally, it is a massage for the penis, but not focused on ejaculation.

The goal is to allow you to indulge in a form of pleasure you are not used to, releasing pelvic tensions and expanding your orgasmic capacity throughout your body. All in a way that educates the body to enter a new process of transformation, an erotic trance.

So, if you are looking for a Lingam Massage, you should not bring a sexual intention other than to improve your erectility and performance, ok?

What are the main benefits of Lingam Massage in Addis?

  • Helps in solving problems like premature ejaculation and impotence.
  • Potential multiple, dry and ejaculatory orgasms.
  • Increases the level of energy awareness.
  • Helps control erection and ejaculation time.

 This service is for men and delivered by any of our beautiful girls. The Lingam massage in Addis is an erotic massage that focuses on the male genitalia. As expected, this is one of our most popular services, where men can experience immense sexual pleasure but also feel accepted in your masculinity. Our girls will also help you build your sensual energies with higher awareness. Our girls aim to provide a relaxing, erotic healing and stimulating experience that will leave you with a great sense of emotional and physical well being. Sexual arousal is at an all-time high during this experience.

Amelia Addis Massage offers a special massage service exclusively dedicated to men. It is called Lingam massage in Addis and it focuses on your penis and other very sensitive areas of your body. The practice itself is very old and not many masseuses can master the art of giving the best Lingam massage in Addis.

If you opt for our outcall Lingam massage in Addis, we ensure you the best possible experience. Our girls put quality first and provide the most amazing and uplifting sensations by using their skilled hands and arousing bodies. Lots of oil is also involved, so consider yourself warned.

The purpose of a Lingam massage is not to calm a carnal desire. On the contrary, it promotes multiple orgasms without the presence of ejaculation. Some men don’t know the difference between climaxing separately from ejaculating. In case you are one of them and you are curious, one of our masseuses can teach you how to do it.

The Lingam massage in Addis service is designed to help you consciously explore your sexuality, thus significantly prolonging your erection. It is not a handjob with an exotic name, but more of a very sensual, delicate, and slow genital massage. There are over 20 techniques that your masseuse can use on you. Are you prepared to try them all?

A tantric Lingam massage implies much more than touching and caressing your penis. Your scrotum, pubic bone, as well as the area between your anus and Lingam are also included. As such, it allows you to discover a wide range of new sensations while avoiding overstimulation. 

The masseuse you pick is trained to observe your breathing patterns and stop whenever you are close to climax. If you wish to delay ejaculation and enjoy her massage for a longer time, she can help you control yourself. A Lingam massage in Addis located might be exactly what you need.

Besides making you feel immediate and otherworldly physical pleasure, the Lingam massage has long-term benefits for your sex life and health. When you get in touch with your body and begin to know it better, you can store as much sexual energy inside you as you want. This energy can be released whenever you desire to have an explosive orgasm.

Just imagine the slippery and soft hands of a beautiful woman stimulating your penis and inducing you into a state of complete relaxation. Picture how she makes your Lingam feel reborn and revitalized as she touches it in ways you’ve never felt before. 

One of Body Bliss’s most popular services, the outcall Lingam massage in Addis is the best way you can spoil yourself while in town. You can explore a new world of erotic massages with or without therapeutical benefits to treat yourself within the comfort of your accommodations.

What you need to do is pick one of our girls and give us a call. We will tell you all about her availability or present you with more options. Your physical and mental well-being is guaranteed after a session with a specialized masseuse from Body Bliss

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Lingam Massage in Addis

Lingam Massage in Addis


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