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Amelia Nuru Massage In Addis

The Origin of Nuru Massage

Unlike other tantra massages or sensual massages, the Nuru Massage was invented in Japan, in the city of Kawasaki. The word nuru means “slippery” or “soft”. For this reason, nuru massage uses a special lotion for this purpose, nuru gel.

It’s part of the tantric massage set, it’s a body-to-body method, but Nuru Massage (which means slippery) is distinguished from other sensual therapies by using a very special lotion, the Nuru gel. Used by the masseurs in Genuine Tantric… and by their clients!

What is a Nuru Massage In Addis?

During massages, whether tantric, relaxation or other massages, essential oils, usually warm, are used in the hands of the therapist and in the area where the massage is applied.

In nuru massage is used nuru gel, which has as its main ingredient marine algae with relaxing therapeutic effects and allows a better sliding and interaction of bodies.

Unlike the other massages, in nuru massage, both the therapist and the recipient of the massage, apply the gel or lotion throughout the entire body. So this is a body to body massage.

What are the main benefits of Nuru Massage In Addis?

  • It gives greater sexual sensations.
  • Helps to receive and give pleasure.
  • Relieves stress.
  • Promotes relaxation.
  • Help to spice up a relationship.

All our Nuru massage services involve a full cleaning and extensive body to body massage. Our girls aim to please by sliding their bodies against your own, focusing on different areas of need to ensure the optimal experience. The massage includes the use of an odorless massage lotion that is applied across all of your body. The more contact between bodies the better. Our girls focus is to ensure as many different sensations are triggered which can also help to relieve stress. Regardless of the girl of choice, the quality never waivers. Get in touch today to book your service and never look back!

Amelia Addis Massage urges you to immerse yourself in a deeply erotic experience by opting for a Nuru massage in Addis. This is an extremely sensual practice that you can enjoy at its highest standards thanks to our selection of beautiful, attractive, trained, experienced and dedicated masseuses.

Although this type of massage is originated in Japan, you don’t have to travel all the way there to try it. Our girls are always ready to welcome you to a world full of physical pleasures, eroticism, and intimacy. They provide the most pleasurable and professional outcall Nuru massage in Addis.

Nuru is a type of body to body massage enhanced by the use of a special seaweed-based gel. This gel is used instead of traditional massage oils because it doesn’t become sticky and its slippery properties last much longer. Thus, the need to reapply won’t ruin the most intense moments spent with your masseuse of choice.

To fully understand what a Nuru massage means, you must know that it refers to a slippery or smooth experience. The lotion made from Nori seaweed makes it easy for any specialized masseuse to glide her body over yours with fluid and arousing movements meant to make you feel good.

The best Nuru massage in Addis focuses on touch and the pleasure derived from it. It is not meant to relax your muscles or for therapeutic reasons. Although it might have a few health benefits, you won’t be able to think about them when you feel the pressure of the masseuse’s breasts and firm buttocks all over yourself.

Full nakedness is required for the Nuru massage in Addis experience. You get to watch a flirty and provocative woman slowly and sensually apply seaweed lotion all over her nude body. Next, she does the same to you before she uses her entire body to touch yours. This massage type implies slow, ample movements.

Every touch is meant to make you want more. Your arousal levels intensify, especially during the second part of the massage, when you are facing up. You can look at the beautiful masseuse as she keeps triggering sensations you’ve never felt before. Since this is an erotic massage, you can feel free to climax and embrace all the wonderful and tingling sensations available.

Even if this massage is not therapeutic, it still ensures muscles relaxation and skin hydration. It could also help remove toxins from your body through sweat. A feeling of overall well-being can accompany you for days after getting a Nuru massage.

Chat us or Book Online to plan an unforgettable experience with one of our exquisite girls. You can pick from more than 20 impressive women who arrive at your doorstep in a timely manner. They are happy to introduce you to a wide array of ecstatic sensations.

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Nuru Massage In Addis 

Nuru Massage In Addis


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