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Amelia Sensual Massage in Addis


Sensual massage in Addis is a special technique that aims to increase the sensitivity of the men’s body, to positively affect your physical and mental health. During an erotic massage session, you can stimulate your erogenous zones and get vivid sensations. In our salon, you can have a full rest, without worrying about meeting a friend or colleague.

Features of sensual massage

Sensual massage in New York City has much in common with other erotic massage techniques, such as tantra and Nuru. Body rubbing and pressing are also used during the procedure. In addition, gentle stroking of the body with hands, hair and chest is used. The effect of total relaxation is achieved through exposure to erogenous zones and gentle touch. Visitors of our Services can appreciate not only real pleasure but also the undeniable benefits for their health. One session is enough to feel lots of positive effects:

  • Improvement of the condition of the skin;
  • Relieve tension of the muscles;
  • Normalization of vital energy flows;
  • Getting rid of any problems with sleeping cycles.

Many of our clients note that after the first session of sensual massage in New York there is a burst of energy. This is the best remedy for depression and moping, which almost every modern citizen faces. The advantage of erotic massage is that it is great for people of all ages. An intimate technique is greatly recommended to every man. Sensual massage as well as body to body massage promotes the production of hormones of happiness in the body, so you feel a burst of energy and harmony.

Are you looking to achieve or enhance your sexual excitation or arousal? then it is time for a sensual massage in Addis. Our girls are fully trained and have extensive knowledge in providing sensual massages and aim to please with every touch of your body. A sensual massage  in Addis will focus on techniques around your erogenous zones to enable ultimate arousal. Whether you are confident or body shy, our girls will ensure to go at a pace that suits you and makes you feel completely comfortable. This massage technique is the perfect way to build intimacy as the aim is to please through touch. 

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Sensual Massage In Addis


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